Fawsky Burst – Cedar Rd.

Cloudy day in Cleveland, OH and car has been reading “Change Oil Now” for a couple weeks. Finally decided it might be time, so I head over over to Firestone on Cedar Road, Cleveland Heights.

Of course, car is going to take a while and I realize I should maybe find lunch in the meantime. Scoping across the street I see this little place I never noticed before next to Starbucks called, Fawaky Burst, advertising healthy food and smoothies. Interest piqued!

Now, like a lot of people I have been trying to be on a health kick, so down to the crosswalk I stroll.

Upon entering, I realize it’s much bigger than I thought. The smoothie list is rather long, but after some hemming and hawing I go with “Cali Love”, a delicious combination of strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and bananas that comes out a delightful berry pink color, and tastes just as good.

Making small talk I can literally watch as they make my Avocado Ranch quesadilla in a spinach tortilla. My quesadilla cook warmly tells me they have been here since March! How did I never know!?

No line made for a short wait for my quesadilla, which was thick with goodies, and I got sour cream and salsa on the side no additional charge! Totaling a whopping $6.99 for my quesadilla with chicken.

Oh, car is ready! Quick overall, moral of the story is… Check this place out!